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Level Up is our proprietary team training program. Team training is a great way to get the results you are looking for in a fun, engaging, and cost-effective way. Level Up enables you to reach your fitness goals and enjoy the benefits of personal training with the fun of working as a team. Workouts occur in groups of no more than twelve people ensuring participants receive all the instruction, motivation, and accountability needed for success. With our variety of programming and complete fitness approach, there is something for everyone to take their fitness to the next level.


Each program communicates with one another through well-designed programming to help you get stronger, build more endurance, and increase your range of motion in a unique and dynamic way. Program packages allow access to all three programs based on your body’s weekly needs.

It’s time to get your H.I.I.T on! Ignite programming has been refined to alternate between short periods of intense anaerobic exercise partnered with complimentary recovery periods. The program uses body and free weight combinations to increase the heart rate to new heights transforming body composition in a shorter length of time. 

Light your inner FIRE! Get ready to lose weight, get shredded and have fun. Torch is a heart-pumping workout which integrates functional exercises utilizing kettlebells and body weight movements. Whether you are a beginner, or the savviest of exerciser, the unique Torch format allows you to work at your own pace to achieve maximum results. Torch features teamwork and discipline to achieve your body’s potential

Unleash your inner ATHLETE! Train like an athlete to get bigger, stronger, and faster using proven strength and conditioning techniques. Grit’s combination of traditional strength training exercises with cutting edge methodology works all major muscle groups effectively and efficiently. Prepare to get in exceptional condition while incorporating some invigorating competition within yourself.

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Team Training Coaches

Razor Sharp Fitness Personal Trainer Kristine Gilson

Jacob Thomas

Programs: Grit

Razor Sharp Fitness Personal Trainer Kristine Gilson

Kate Thomas

Programs: Torch

Razor Sharp Fitness Personal Trainer Kristine Gilson

Emily wilcox

Programs: Ignite

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