Tabata is:

  • One of the most popular interval workouts among strength coaches, personal trainers and exercise enthusiasts
  • A high-intensity interval training method originally created by Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata
  • Simple to understand, easy to apply — and one of the most WICKED-effective cardio-/metabolic-conditioning programs invented
  • Scientifically designed to be the most efficient and fun workout you’ll. Ever. Do!

How Tabata Works:

  • 20 seconds of intense exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest for 60 minutes. 
  • We include a dynamic warm-up and proper cool-down, focused on mobility. 
  • The only equipment required is your body – a fat burning machine!

Why is Tabata so Powerful?

Tabata’s popularity comes from the scientific evidence showing that it is a superior training method to traditional cardiovascular training. Four minutes of Tabata has been found to out perform 45 minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise. Four minutes of Tabata every day can result in body composition changes, cardiovascular health, and better sleep quality – to name a few! 

Is Tabata for You?

  • If you want extra motivation — Tabata is for you.
  • If you need a solution for workout boredom — Tabata is for you.
  • If you’re not seeing the results you hoped for — Tabata is for you.
  • If you like working out as part of a team — Tabata is for you.
  • If you need ideas for at home workouts – Tabata is for you. 

In our Tabata group training program, you’ll be working with our experienced personal trainers every step of the way. They will guide and motivate you safely through these workouts and help you to:

  1. Increase athletic capacity — the Tabata training protocol improves both aerobic and anaerobic capacity in already fit individuals
  2. Lose weight or reduce fat — The metabolic effect of exercising at high intensity can continue long after the training session ends, resulting in more calories being burnt, even while you are resting!
  3. See results in less time — busy people without a lot of time to spend for the gym can apply Tabata to ensure that they maximize the efficiency of their workouts, getting better results than traditional methods in substantially less sweat time!


Watch the preview video below! 

When does Tabata start?

The first week of Tabata demonstration trials starts January 21st and the 8 week program starts the following week, January 28th 

For more information or questions, contact Kate Thomas at

What does Tabata cost?

8 Sessions $160.00
8 Sessions 5% off at a demonstration session $152.00
8 Session additional 5% off for participating in HH$144.00
16 Sessions $240.0
16 Sessions 5% off at a demonstration session $228.00
16 Sessions additional 5% off for participating in HH $216.00
24 Sessions $300.00
24 Sessions 5% off at a demonstration session $285.00
 24 Sessions additional 5% off for participating in HH $270.00

**Couples get 10% off each individual package

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