Throwdown With Us for 10 Weeks and Make it a Summer to Remember!

The Summer Shred Throwdown will kick the winter fitness doldrums in the shins with:

  • Total Body Conditioning
  • Nontraditional Equipment
  • A Metabolic Workout and High Caloric Burn

This program is perfect for you if you are looking for extra motivation, a change of pace, intense workouts, a team to cheer you on, and real results. Avoid the “Spring Fever Dropout” and keep your health on track during the warmer months ahead!


What Does Summer Shred Throwdown Cost?

1 Session per week  $200

2 Sessions per week  $300

3 Sessions per week  $375

Register at the completion of a demo and save 5% on the program!


When Does Summer Shred Throwdown Start?

Demo sessions start Saturday May 5th. These free sessions are a great way to try the program before you buy it. The classes start May 14th and end July 21st.

To sign up for a demo, see the Front Desk or fill out the form below.

For questions or more information, contact Kate Thomas at or (262) 321-0200.