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SPS Sports Performance Training

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SPS sports performance training¬†is designed to help young athletes progress their performance to the highest levels while remaining injury-free, regardless of the sport. We believe in offering evidence-based strength and conditioning programs that are safe, fun, and are specific to each athlete’s needs.

How is it Different from Personal Training?

Personal training is geared to general fitness populations, helping clients lose body fat, gain muscle, mass, and/or maintain a fitness level. On the other hand, sports performance training is designed to enhance athletic performance by providing workouts specific to the sport. SPS(Speed, Power, Strength) programs are focused on strength, power, speed, agility, mobility, flexibility, and conditioning for athletes at all levels.

SPS Sports Performance Training
SPS Razor Sharp

how does sps prevent sports injuries?

No training program can offer an absolute guarantee of injury prevention, especially in contact sports. But steps that we take here focus on strengthening muscle imbalances, developing coordination, enhancing mobility and flexibility, and instilling a demand for technical proficiency.

how it works

Meet to discuss sports, goals, and training history

Conduct a series of assesments based on criteria

Determine an appropriate training plan

Sports Performance Training



60 or 90 minute individual sessions


Highest degree of program specialization


Program development based solely on athlete progress

Group Training


2-5 athletes per session


Program is individualized, but with the comfort of a partner


Creates friendly competition and an accountability partnership

Program Information


Strength and conditioning sessions for organizations, large groups, and teams


Builds team cohesion and comaraderie

time to get your head in the game.

Let us know you are interested in SPS training. You don’t have to be a Razor Sharp Member to start.