salt water lap pools

Salt Water Pools

What are the benefits?
A salt water pool feels like a truly fresh water pool. It has none of the undesirable effects, taste or smells which come with standard chlorine pools.

•  Water quality is dramatically improved.
•  No “red eye” effect or green hair
•  Much gentler to the skin

The water feels soft, smooth and refreshing!

How does it work?
A small amount of natural salt is dissolved into the pool water. By the process of an electrolytic cell, salt water is converted into its basic components, sodium and chloride. The chloride gas that is produced sanitizes the water and is re-bonded with the sodium in the water to become natural salt again. The salt content of the pool will be approximately half of that found in a tear drop. 

Lap Pool

The lap pool ranges in depth from 3’5″ to 7′ at a comfortable 82 degrees. With five lanes available, you’ll be able to swim laps throughout the day.

Therapy Pool

The therapy pool is kept at 94 degrees, and the depth varies from 3’5″ to 5′ — the perfect environment for a range of water-based fitness classes.

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