Personal Trainer Lauren Gedemer busts the myth of: Eating Before Bedtime


The Common belief: It’s bad to eat before you go to bed


The Reality: It doesn’t matter what time of day you eat. If your body needs the calories and energy, you can eat any time of day you’d like. The foods you eat don’t know what time it is, so eating them between 7am and 7pm is no different than eating them between 8pm and midnight. Some studies even show that eating a healthy snack before bedtime can help you sleep better and may be beneficial to weight loss.

The quality of the foods you consume is what’s most important. Try not eating too much sugar or too many simple carbohydrates before bedtime. These items inhibit Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is generally produced early on in your sleep cycle. HGH is known for burning fat and building muscle among other things, therefore increasing the insulin produced by high blood sugar right before bed could be counterproductive to the healthy changes you’re trying to make at the gym and at home.  Try choosing something with complex carbohydrates like whole-wheat toast, or popcorn.  These items take longer to breakdown and can help control the blood sugar spikes or crashes you want to stay away from.


In short, if you keep an eye on the foods you’re consuming and continue with a regular exercise program, you can eat whenever your body needs it – even if it’s a snack right before bed!