Personal Trainer Kyle Knobloch busts the myth of: Cardio Workouts


The Myth: Steady state cardio is the best way to lose weight


The Reality: Cardio, as we know it, is defined as any activity that works large muscles for at least 20 minutes. Often times we adopt the notion that spending 40 minutes to an hour on a treadmill or an elliptical is the most efficient way to reach our weight loss goals. This approach is neither time efficient nor does it place the amount of added stress on our bodies required for us to progress.


Ultimately, high intensity interval weight training allows you to progressively overload using weights and very minimal rest. This increases your body’s excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or “after burn effect,” meaning you continue to burn fat after exercise has ceased. Weight training also increases muscle mass which, in turn, aids in fat loss by increasing your body’s metabolism. Circuit training and Tabata are excellent approaches for high intensity interval training.