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Are you ready to start stop dieting and start living?

Description of the Journey: 

A life well-lived begins with learning to treat your body with kindness and compassion. Together, let’s rediscover the true meaning of health that is rooted in nourishment, not deprivation. Through one-on-one sessions, both virtually and in Razor Sharp, our Coaches are committed to helping their clients make positive, sustainable changes by specializing in:

  • Flexible Eating 
  • Intuitive Eating 
  • Digestive Disorders 
  • General Health and Wellness Concerns 

How to Get Started: 

We begin with a 60 minute initial session, where we will get to know each other, and start to uncover your relationship with food and your body. We will discuss where you have been, and where you are now, and dig deep to unravel the “why” behind your unwanted eating concerns. In our initial session, we will come up with a big picture plan and identify the areas you would like to focus on in our work together.

What to Expect: 

Our follow-up sessions will focus on introducing strategies to help you move towards your goals, working through barriers, and revisiting and adjusting your goals to help you and propel you forward. New clients may wonder how many days/months are needed. That will depend on your goals, readiness to change, what support systems you have in place, and where your relationship with food currently stands. It is challenging to predict, but I am here for you as long as you find value in our sessions and need support.

Support is imperative in starting, we will do it together, and you will become a better you!

Razor Sharp Nutrition Plans & Pricing

RS Nutrition Consultation Plan: Free 

  • Customized macros for initial startup (two weeks)
  • Weekly updated with check-in between client and nutritionist

Macros Essentials Plan: $75/month

  • Macros will be adjusted every two weeks
  • Weekly updates with check-in between client and nutritionist
  • Monthly one on one physical meeting with nutritionist
  • Styku assessment each month

Change to Win Plan: $199/month

  • Day to day meal breakdown plans tailored to specififc goals
  • Changes in meals/recipes every two weeks
  • Customized grocery list
  • Weekly updates provided by client
  • Weekly check-ins (Tuesday’s & Friday’s)
  • Monthly one on one follow-up meeting with nutritionist
  • Styku assessment each month

All programs will need the following before starting: 60 minute initial consultation with nutritionist, individual goals, training, approximate height, age, weight, and activity outside exercising

For more information or to sign up for a Nutrition plan today, contact Jacob at JThomas@razorsharpfit.com.

Razor Sharp Fitness Personal Trainer Kristine Gilson
Certified Nutrition Coach, Kristine Gilson

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Razor Sharp Fitness Personal Trainer Kristine Gilson
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