MOSSA Move App

We know that many of you enjoy the Studio Exercise classes we offer at our facilities and will truly miss the activity these provide during this time. Receive a 14 day free trial for MOSSA MOVE with the new link we sent out via email.

Access to MOSSA MOVE will allow you to stream digital workouts from the mobile app, computer, Roku, or Amazon Fire. MOSSA MOVE will provide you access to 8 different programs (Fight, Power, Ride, and more) of 30 minute workouts of versions of classes we offer at the facilities! There are even 2-4 workouts per program.

Once logged in from the link we have provided you, click WORKOUTS on the top right side to access all workouts. You will notice, these workouts differ from those in our clubs. These workouts were designed more for the home user experience.

Important to Note: 

When you create an account, MOSSA MOVE will prompt you to enter a form of payment. You must complete this to be able to access your account and the workouts. This link will provide you with 14 days free of use for MOSSA MOVE, if you wish to continue your subscriptions past the 14 days, you will be charged $7.99/month for access. We suggest setting or writing down a reminder on your phone, calendar, planner, etc. to cancel your subscription before your trial is finished. The site provides you with the exact date you must cancel by to not be charged. *This access is only provided to our current member base.

For anyone who registered for the 60 day trial: If you registered towards the beginning of us releasing the link (March 18th), the trial is ending soon. If you wish to end your subscription and not be charged $7.99/month for access, you must cancel your subscription before the end date. 

If you have any questions or are a current member needing access to this 14 day trial, please contact Marketing Director, Kristen at