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Member Spotlight

Shelly Mumm

2017 held two big “events” for me: My 50th birthday and my husband, Dan, and I became empty nesters.  Dan has always been very disciplined at exercising every night with equipment we have in our basement, but I, on the other hand, not so much. I knew I needed to move more (I sit all day for work and all of my hobbies are sedentary ones), get healthy, and lose some weight as diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia all run in my family.  Also, with our boys both leaving for college we were looking for activities we could do together.  Joining Razor has helped me accomplish both of those goals.

After talking to one of our neighbors, we toured and joined Razor.  I was matched with Lauren Gedemer as my trainer for my Kickstart appointment. I immediately was impressed by the gym and by Lauren. She took a complete medical history and we talked about my personal goals. I find going to a gym and exercising in front of others to be a bit intimidating and feel very self-conscious, but everyone at Razor has been so friendly and seems to genuinely care about their members that I no longer have this problem. I felt I needed the extra instruction and signed on for some personal training appointments. Lauren is awesome! She is very knowledgeable and supportive. I love the time I spend with her!  I have become stronger and fitter than I have ever been or could have ever imagined I would become.  Dan is always very supportive of me and together we started going to Group Power 3 times a week, yoga once a week, and also began checking out equipment available, along with the pool. For the first time in my life, I have stuck to an exercise program and have come to enjoy my time in the gym.  I have been a member since April 2017 and have kept up the pace pretty consistently with the most recent addition of a Wednesday workout by joining the group exercise program called Lose it For the Holidays.

The benefits I have gotten from the exercise and gym membership have been incredible. I have a lot more energy and overall just feel so much healthier than I ever have. I have had such a difficult time in the past losing weight, but have now lost almost 30 pounds since April, along with lots of inches and body fat. I just had my lipid panel repeated last month and everything: cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides are “normal” for the first time in my life. I have made permanent lifestyle changes and am enjoying both the activities and the results. It is a very difficult change to make (adding regular exercise) and does help when you start seeing positive results.  I am not yet to my goal weight, but I feel like I will get there for the first time in my life due to the support of my family, friends, and my new friends at Razor!

“Shelly is in the best shape of her life and continues to amaze me at the progress she’s making,” says Lauren. “She is exactly the type of client that makes me love my job every day – she’s put in so much hard work and she is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle.”

I am a prime example of the old saying: “if I did it, anyone can do it.” I went from excuse ridden couch potato to fit and healthy!


Pam Alley

I Couldn’t Have Climbed Quandary Peak Without Adam’s Help!

I have been a member of Razor Sharp for about 9 years and have been working out three times a week.  Last November my son climbed a mountain in Colorado and was so impressed that he asked me to go with him the next time.  He recommended I get a personal trainer thinking I would need new skills to get to the top of the mountain.  Adam Knueppel was the personal trainer assigned to me and he helped me in so many ways that I still do the things he taught me.  I couldn’t have climbed this mountain without his guidance.

I went on this trip with my son on August 25th.   We climbed two mountains, the tallest being Quandary Peak at 14,265 foot elevation.  It was steep and very rocky so you had to be careful where to put your feet. I know the box steps that Adam had me do really helped and I also did some stairs outside that were uneven which helped.  We set foot on the trail at 4:15 a.m. and we got down at 5:08 p.m.  We spent 45 minutes on the summit and the rest hiking.  Needless to say, I was very tired by the end of the day, but also so amazed at myself, that at 66 years old I could do this!!  When we reached the summit I looked around and told my son, Jeff I was the oldest one up there!!  I know I couldn’t have done this without my son, he was my biggest cheerleader that day, and then other people heard him and they too cheered me on.

This is just proof that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.  Once again I want to thank Adam, he pushed me and I needed that, but he is so caring and he too wanted me to succeed, and thanks to him I did!!

I do want to give a shout out to my son, Jeff, I would never have been able to do this climb without him in my corner.

Pam Alley

Jon Carbonneau

“if you had told me my dad would be going to a fitness center to work out with me when he was 78 years old, I would have been rolling on the ground laughing. Today, when it is actually happening, I could not be more proud of him…”

Deanne Carbonneau is grateful for what Personal Trainer Dan Buhler has done for her dad. “You’re never too old to start working out.”

So how did this all come about?

Deanne explains that she has “worked out regularly throughout my life, and have always incorporated physical activity into my daily life. My dad always had physical jobs and he is from a generation that did not go to fitness centers. Four years ago I joined Razor Sharp and, shortly after I joined, my dad started asking me about working out because
he realized he was losing strength. I suggested he join me at Razor and encouraged him to work with a trainer since he knew little about strength training. So, twice a week, he works out with Dan: I was so proud of him to take on a completely new challenge at age 74. Dan has been wonderful with him, and has done so much to improve my dad’s balance, flexibility and strength. Dad really enjoys working with Dan and appreciates the benefits he gets from his sessions.

“Now, in addition to his two days a week with Dan, he comes and works out with me on Sundays! And, working out together helps keep me motivated, too.”
John’s Perspective . . .
I never “worked out” ‘til I was 74. It’s not that I wasn’t active, I just wasn’t interested in it. My daughter, on the hand, is a workout freak. When she suggested I try it though, I thought, “why not give it a try?”

I have really benefited a lot from the personal training. I walk better and I am much more stable. Working out and training has also helped alleviate some of the ongoing issues and pain I have had as a result of a severe fall I had back in the ‘70s. Before I started training, I couldn’t lay down because of the pain I was in; I slept in a sitting position. Now I sleep 100% better, and I can get down on the ground and get back up again. Training makes it easier for me to do everyday activities. If I didn’t have a trainer, I wouldn’t be coming to Razor Sharp. I need the guidance and the structure. Dan really listens to my concerns and adjusts our workouts to meet my needs. I also really enjoy working out with my daughter and spending time together on Sundays.

Jessica Lichenwalner

Personal Trainer Lauren Gedemer would like to introduce you to Jessica Lichenwalner:
Jessica is 28 years old, a single mother of two young girls, and both works and goes to school full time. On top of all that, she has a dog and a house…so, a lot on her plate!

During my KickStart with Jessica, I learned that she’s never really exercised before, drank a ton of soda all day long and ‘hated’ water. We had a great conversation during our time together, mainly focusing on how she needs to be happy and healthy in her own life so that she can be a good, long-living, healthy role model for her daughters. We did a few exercises together and it was apparent to me that her body was used to sitting at a desk and not moving much. Jessica purchased twelve 30-minute personal training sessions me with me after our KickStart, so I knew she was serious about making a change for the better in her health. Let’s be honest – with all of her responsibilities, it was amazing to me that she could make that type of commitment!
From Jessica:
“Working with a trainer means that I have someone there pushing me to never give up, and who help me through the struggle. They are right beside you, talking you through every step, making sure you get the most out of each and every workout.”

But, do that, she did! Jessica and I meet once per week, and in addition to that she also attends regular GroupPower and GroupActive classes, does our workouts on her own time, logs all of her food and is up to over a half-gallon of water every single day! She went from absolutely NO activity outside of regular day-to-day life, to committing wholeheartedly to a healthier lifestyle. Since early-April, she’s cut out soda completely, become 1,000% more active, upped her water intake (she hated it though, remember??), started eating healthier and logging everything she puts in her mouth – and her measurements show it! She’s lost more than 14lbs and 2% body fat just since April!

Recently, we met after not having a session together for two weeks. Jessica was feeling down because her weight went up 2lbs from our last weigh-in. She hadn’t been to the gym in a week. She was stressed out at work. Her girls’ soccer had been taking up 3+days/nights every week. Her school workload had increased. We had a very real conversation about this – LIFE HAPPENS! We talked it all through and right away she was back on track, telling me she doesn’t want to let me down but even more, doesn’t want to let herself or her girls down.
“Lauren is my biggest cheerleader…she wants nothing more than to see me reach my goals. She has made me realize that I can do it, and I’m not alone.”

At only 28, Jessica amazes and inspires me with her dedication to making healthy changes in her life.

Cynde Summers

The final stats for Team Raising Rose Razor Sharp’s participation in the Fight for Air climb are impressive:

  • Top Fundraiser, Health Club Division (13 clubs) with $3,171.01 — which was also 23rd place overall!
  • Second Fastest, Health Club Division

But, those numbers don’t tell anywhere close to the whole story. When team captain Cynde Summers reached the top of the 1,034 steps of the U.S. Bank Center in Milwaukee on March 18, she wasn’t just leading a team of family, friends and Razor Sharp members and trainers — she was carrying the memory of her late mother, “World’s Best Mom, Rose Mary O’Donnell DeMeulenaere” up the 40-odd stories with her.
This was Cynde’s fifth year participating in the climb in Milwaukee and/or Indianapolis (this year, she did both!). What began as a way for Cynde and other family members to channel their grief has grown into a broader mission to help and inspire others:

My mom struggled to quit smoking most of her adult life. At age 60, she was finally able to quit for good, but contended with COPD/emphysema and her breathing daily. She learned to manage oxygen tanks and even started a support group, the Better Breathers to help others bear the burden of living with a debilitating respiratory disease. She fought a hard fight, but ultimately succumbed to lung cancer at age 73.
Her entire life she had a passion for serving others and lived by the motto, “Faith, Family, Friends.” This motto is emblazoned on our team shirt on a shamrock to represent her Irish roots along with the Celtic cross in green on the back. I hope that my mom’s story inspires people struggling to quit smoking to keep trying. The Climb has certainly helped me to…honor my mother’s legacy of helping others.
Cynde has been a member of Razor Sharp since 2003. She says that she particularly embraces “the variety of classes at the club because it encourages me to work harder in a group setting than I would on my own.” That enjoyment of variety carries through to the sports that Cynde pursues, playing tennis year-round, cross-country skiiing in winter and playing beach volleyball in summer. At the gym, “Razor Sharp always has something new to try. I enjoy participating in events for a cause like the MS Walk at UW Parkside because my friend’s daughter with MS has a team. I am not a runner but like to do at least one 5K a year.”

She also wants to encourage others to challenge themselves. “Find a cause that’s close to your heart and reach out to a friend to join you. I put a flyer up at Razor Sharp in January and with only 12 team members, we raised over $3,000 for the American Lung Association. I’m already excited for next year’s Climb!” And she makes this offer to all of you: “If you need encouragement or help getting started, I’d be happy to support you.”

Laurie DeBauche

I wish I was doing 20 years ago what I’m doing now!”
I began working in Racine in 2004, commuting 150 miles a day round-trip. I have always struggled with my weight and with asthma, and those three hours a day in a car didn’t help.

It took several years to finally move to the Racine area. But when I did, my first priority was to join a gym. What I was looking for in a health club was simple: a variety of weight and/or aerobic classes, knowledgeable trainers and a mostly adult atmosphere. A friend recommended Razor Sharp, which hit all of those requirements, and I’ve been a member ever since.
Although I am a self-motivator, I tend to let my career get in the way of my fitness goals. What I love most about Razor is the ever-changing variety of classes and events being offered; it gives me a reason to tear myself away from my desk at night.

My favorite classes and events have been the weight loss challenges, CrossFit, the boot camps, boxing, Tabata, and most recently, Cardio Fusion. I have worked with so many of the trainers, either in group settings or one-on-one, and I would say Razor has some of the best.

As I mature, my fitness goals continue to evolve. I wish I was doing 20 years ago what I am doing today. My biggest accomplishment, and the one I am most proud of since joining Razor, has been “re-learning” to swim. Although I took swim lessons as a child, I never again swam in a pool, much less a lake. But, two years ago, I decided to participate in the Iron Girl, and Justin Leach offered to give me a few tips to prepare for it. I then took some private lessons with Kelli Steenrod, who continued to help build my skills and my self-confidence.

Race day came, and although I was scared to death, I swam across the entire lake without stopping. One would think I would have been proud of this accomplishment, but no, I was disappointed because I swam the entire race using the back stroke rather than a front stroke. I also zig-zagged so much that I probably swam double the length of the other swimmers! So, I’ve kept working at it.

Since then, I have swum across Lake Andrea several times and trained for a Half-Iron Man. Am I proud?? You bet! But, I know I can push myself to work even harder, and my biggest competitor will always be myself!

Dana and Nate Moore

“A personal trainer…has been one of the greatest investments we have ever made!”

​As a couple, we fall into a category where I would say the vast majority of people fall: not completely motivated to stay committed to a consistent workout schedule that brings about the necessary results to stay in a fit, physical condition.

In the past, we would get into a groove of doing some type of workout for a short spell until, eventually, some event in our lives would disrupt that consistency. And then, the law of inertia kicks in – an object that is not in motion is tough to get moving again.

Partner training has been so beneficial for us as a couple. We have accountability to our trainer, but also to each other. It has pulled out our competitive spirit and been a great boost for our marriage.

When you think about physical training, you tend to think it only affects your body. But there is an emotional bond that has happened between myself and Dana through our training sessions. Knowing your spouse is committed to improving his or her overall physical condition helps build trust in the relationship. The special connection that teammates or soldiers form through shared physical effort holds true in partner training, too.

And, of course, there are the fitness results – I have lost twelve pounds since we started working out in September and Dana has maintained her weight. We both have increased our muscle mass and seen a decrease in body fat. Dana’s body composition has firmed up and her posture has improved significantly.

Our personal trainer, Nate Skop, brings so much value to our lives:​

  • He brings years of experience to the table. We don’t have the time to study every little nuance of the body or what action brings about the greatest change to add strength and correct areas of weakness. Fortunately for us, Nate has that extensive educational background in how the body works and what exercises are best to increase functional strength.
  • Nate is a great listening ear. We aren’t speaking to a brick wall. I will mention something off-hand during a workout, and he will bring it up a week later when we are performing an exercise that is specifically relevant to my comment or concern.
  • He considers our best interest when choosing workouts for us as a couple. It would be easy to package a cookie-cutter workout for all of his clients, but I know he puts thought into each group that he trains and tailors his training to their unique needs.

We look forward to seeing and spending time with Nate each week.

What we pay for a personal trainer is an investment in our lives, and it has been one of the greatest investments we have ever made!

Rebecca Kaufman

“I was able to go from constant pain to hiking Mt. Rainier ~
Fitness is about being able to maximize the Quality of My Life!”

Most of us just don’t know enough about how to make our bodies work better. We put up with physical limitations, thinking that it will always be that way. But that isn’t true and I’m proof.

After a diagnosis of a chronic back condition, I was told that I would probably have constant pain and be limited in my physical activities. On the advice of a physical therapist, I started attending Pilates classes at Razor Sharp.

Up until then, I had used weights and the weight machines, but I had not intentionally developed my core muscles. The core muscles are the ones we rely on every day to sit, stand, walk and do almost anything. Pilates has strengthened my core muscles to the point that I do not have any pain nor do I take any pain medication. It’s easy to forget I even have a back condition.

I really appreciate the classes at Razor Sharp because the instructors are so knowledgeable, they check for good form, they mix up the exercises to work muscles differently, they make adaptations for physical limitations so that everyone can participate, and they make exercising fun. I have tried a number of different classes and all of them have been very helpful.

To improve my overall fitness, I also sought the assistance of a trainer, Janelle Cairo, and learned how each muscle area needs attention and how to plan my own workouts. As a result, my fitness has improved and I am able to do more with my life, including hiking on Mount Rainier!

Now, when I experience muscle pain, I have a much better idea of what to do to heal.

Thank you Razor Sharp for helping me change the quality of my life!

Gary Hovan

“I have less stress, more energy and am able to manage my weight…”

Following a shoulder injury, I had been out of the gym rehabilitating for more than a year. As you might guess, that time away takes its toll on the rest of the body. Needing to jump start my exercise program, I made the decision to sign up for this past spring’s Boot Camp.

Great decision!

The program was just what I needed to develop the discipline to achieve my fitness and weight loss goals. The sessions were high intensity, full body workouts. The exercises for each session were different so the group was never bored with the same routines. And, the last part of each session was a fun
and challenging team exercise.

Just as important, the trainers demonstrated proper form and explained the benefits of each exercise. If an exercise placed too much stress on a particular part of your body, they offered
alternatives. The trainers were great motivators and worked with all participants, offering constant encouragement to remain focused and challenge ourselves.​
Boot Camp really helped me to get back on track in only two months. I have less stress, more energy and am able to manage my weight much better. A big “thank you” to all of the trainers for sharing their knowledge, passion for fitness and constant encouragement to help me achieve my goals.

Amanda Hagen

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on her own wings. Always believe in yourself.” ~ Unknown

When my journey began in about May of 2014, my knees and shoulders were often in tremendous pain from years of sports. I was only 30 years old and I could barely get down to the floor and up again without help.

Overwhelmed, and a little depressed, I didn’t have a clue where to start. I was afraid I’d injure myself more and tailspin into a truly unhealthy and unhappy life.

After some encouragement from co-workers and family, I found Kate Thomas and Razor Sharp. Since then, I haven’t looked back. I put my trust in Kate to teach me the right exercises I could do so I wouldn’t injure myself more. I also found the professionals who led me to an important shoulder surgery that I badly needed.

After that shoulder surgery in December of 2014, I was determined to get back to this journey and give 100% — I owed it to myself. I focused, one day at a time and trusted my mind and the support around me.

I eventually worked my way up to joining first Razor’s group exercise classes, and then last fall’s Lose it for the Holidays program (6 a.m. group training classes!) I thought it was nuts! After 10 weeks of the program, I made some great friendships and accomplished more than I ever thought I could.

With the determination to work out every day, no matter how I feel, and some healthy eating (21-Day Fix, if you’re curious), I’m down almost 50 pounds and pretty pain free.

I never thought I could get to this point again and I feel like a completely different person, inside and out. I’ve made a community of friends at Razor, many I feel will be life-long.

My sincere thanks go to my family, to Kate and to the entire Razor Sharp team! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you all.

This brings me back to the top quote and a final thought: trust in your wings! Trust the journey, take it a day at a time and with the Razor community to lend support, you will succeed!

Amanda Ledger

“The best times of your life are when you’re getting sweaty!”

Amanda became a member of Razor Sharp in fall of 2015. As she tells it, her membership was “timid at first,” inspired by a corporate wellness challenge issued by her employer. Amanda works downtown for ZMac Transportation Solutions, a company that understands just how difficult the weeks spanning Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year can be in terms of maintaining one’s health and fitness. Knowing this, the company put up a cash stake as an incentive for the person who lost the most weight during the 8-week challenge.

Confronted by the dual realities of the challenge (with its potential financial reward!) and 70 “pregnancy pounds” that had now hung around for three years, Amanda took the plunge. And found that her enthusiasm for the workout challenge grew with each visit.

“I knew I needed to start taking time for myself…to get back to the ‘me’ I was before,” Amanda explains. She just needed something to get her off the blocks. She started out working with Personal Trainer Kelli Anastasovski, to establish a realistic set of goals and a program to achieve them. That allowed her to get the workout habit started, and to eventually take full responsibility for working out on her own.

By mid-January and the end of the ZMac challenge, Amanda had lost 21 pounds – enough to win the prize! Realizing that goal made it relatively easy to continue, even during the cold and sloppy days of winter when it would have been so easy not to. But the other rewards – no longer being winded climbing a set of stairs, clothing that fit better, feeling more alert and energetic on days she worked out (powering through the mid-afternoon slump!) – were enough to overcome the urge to be sedentary.

Since that time, Amanda has shed another 15 pounds and broken through the 10-minute/mile mark on the treadmill. With each intermediate goal reached, it becomes more natural to set another goal to work towards: a 9-minute mile, a 5k run this fall, a 10k sometime after that…setting an example of health, fitness and self-care for her three-year-old daughter.

“I really love coming to the club on my lunch, enjoying the camaraderie of the place – other members and the staff notice if I’ve been away. It feels like a home. And my friends have noticed that I am just happier since last fall…especially when coming from a run.”

Amanda hopes her story will feel familiar to others – a high school athlete who became less active in college, tapering off almost entirely as “real life” set in. “By the time I had my daughter, I wasn’t exerting myself much, at all. I was somewhere between a lazy bum and a sad sack.” But the human body has a lot of innate resilience. Day by day and week by week, it’s possible to reverse many, if not all, of the negative effects of inactivity. It’s here that she hopes to be an example to others who may just be starting on their own fitness journeys.

As for Amanda herself, saying “yes” to the challenge has meant rediscovering herself and gaining confidence in her ability to keep improving. “I’ve remembered that the best times of your life are when you’re getting sweaty,” she offers with a wink. And then she hit the treadmill!

Joshua Pessin

“The more I went, the better I felt. The better I felt, the more I wanted to go…”

Wow, it’s been almost exactly one year since I joined Razor Sharp! When I started, I didn’t set any specific goals for myself, other than that I was going to make it a point to become a “regular.” It had been far too many years, and far too many extra pounds, since I exercised regularly. With the exception of a brief 3-month stint several years ago, I haven’t really done a thing for my own health since college, more than 15 years ago.

The irony is that nine years of medical training to become a surgeon, my young and growing family, and establishing my practice here in Racine kept me focused on the health and well-being of others. Meanwhile, I believed I didn’t have the time or energy left to address my own health and fitness. I kept telling myself that “someday” I’d be able to find the time to start exercising again.

“Someday” came last year when the downtown Razor Sharp club opened. Seeing how conveniently located it was between my house and the hospital, I thought I could get creative with my time management to hit the gym on the way to or from work.
I started off doing the same basic type of exercises I did when I was younger, but I made it a point to end each session with some cardiovascular exercise on the elliptical machine. The more I went, the better I felt. The better I felt, the more I wanted to go to the gym.

As my schedule seemed to constantly be changing, I discovered I could take advantage of breaks in my workday to head over to the gym for an hour or so and get a quick workout in. While I found it difficult to have a specific time to exercise, I was able to make it to the gym most days of the week.
Several months into my workout regimen, I took advantage of my 1-on-1 session with Personal Trainer Dan Buhler to learn some newer exercises, and I started changing my routine to a more circuit training-style of exercise.

One year later and 80 pounds lighter, I feel great, and am thankful for all the encouragement the Razor Sharp staff has given along the way.

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