Joining Razor Sharp Has Been A Wonderful Experience!


In May of 2017 I sustained a fracture to my left foot.  After a long four-month recovery with limited mobility and the need to wear a walking boot I added unwanted pounds to a body that I was already unhappy with.  In October of 2017 I decided to join Razor Sharp.  I met with Nate Skop for my Kickstart appointment shortly after joining.  Nate is an extremely knowledgeable personal trainer and had a lot of great information to share.  Due to an ever-changing work schedule and having to take call, personal training sessions did not fit well into my daily routine, but I do try to incorporate everything he has taught me into my workouts and his input has served me well. On the day of my Kickstart appointment I also had the pleasure of meeting Janelle Cairo. Since October I have crossed paths with her several times at the gym. Janelle always takes the time to stop, ask about my progress and encourage and motivate me to keep working towards my goal.

I have been working out at least 4 times a week since joining, (with a combination of cardio, classes and strength training), and am happy to report that I have lost almost 40 pounds! When people ask me “How are you doing it?”, my answer is always the same — “I joined Razor Sharp.”  Obviously making other lifestyle changes has also been a factor but joining Razor Sharp has had an extremely positive impact on both my physical and emotional well being.  Joining Razor Sharp has been a wonderful experience so far, and I plan to continue this journey to meet my weight loss goal.  If a 51-year-old working mother of two can do this, anyone can!

Thank You Razor Sharp!

Julie Semrad