In October of 2017 I made the decision that this would be my last try at making a lifestyle change. I knew it would be my last try, not because if I failed I wouldn’t try again, but it would be my last try at a healthy lifestyle because I knew I would succeed this time. I knew my weaknesses and why I failed before and I would not be that woman ever again. Prior to October 2017, I had the short term “diet” mentality. The mentality that there was an end to the healthy eating and exercise once I reached a certain weight. That mentality was what caused my failure.

So one day I woke up and said to myself, “this is the last time” and I went to Razor Sharp North to sign up again and got connected with Kelli A for my kickstart. I would’ve never considered a personal trainer prior to that day. Immediately upon meeting Kelli I felt inspired, motivated, and supported. She was kind, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in my well being and journey towards being healthy. Little did I know how amazing of a trainer and person she is! Not only did Kelli give me the tools to have effective workouts and provided a nutrition plan to lose weight but she provided me with the invaluable support system that encouraged me to embrace a healthy lifestyle, trust the process, and keep moving forward. I remember how hard my first workouts were and I kept saying, “This is the last time I will ever start over Kelli!” and Kelli would say, “I know Abby. You got this!” She supported me mentally through hard days and adjusted my workouts and nutrition to get through the dreaded plateaus. She showed me that consistency was the key to success. And eventually my mindset changed. I enjoy eating healthy now, I truly do, and my body started to show that the consistency of a healthy lifestyle would pay off.

Five months later, I have lost a total of 50lbs! I have also lost my anxiety of working out alone, and I have lost the woman who would fail again.  I have tried almost every group exercise class that Razor Sharp has to offer. I work out 4-5 times a week alternating Zumba with Gigi and Beatriz, Group Power with Kelli, and individual workouts. I have gained strength both mentally and physically. I have gained a new insight to nutrition and I am aware and in control of how I feel by how I fuel my body. I have gained a friend in my trainer/coach Kelli, and I have gained an entire new lifestyle that leaves me feeling great everyday! I have gained a new mentality that there is no “end goal” but rather to maintain a healthy lifestyle forever. I have more pounds to lose, more muscle to gain, but I have not a doubt in my mind that I will get there! It just takes that one time to decide to make a lifestyle change. I am so grateful to Razor Sharp Fitness, the 20/30 fast track program, and Kelli A. for all of the support. This was the last time!

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