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Personal Training

Personal training is for everyone

At Razor Sharp Fitness, we believe that everybody should have access to a personal trainer who can inspire and challenge them to reach their goals no matter their fitness level.

expert programming

Our personal trainers are specialists with advanced education in exercise physiology and methods. For those just starting on their fitness journey or for those who have been exercising their entire lives, there is a trainer for you that is ready to help you get the most out of your time in the gym and set you on the path for success. 

Benefits of one-on-one training

Individualized attention

Personalized Programming

Schedule flexibility

Find the right trainer just for you.

Nate Skop

Washington Avenue

A.A. Sports and Recreation Management, Tiffin University

NASM Certifications

Certified Personal Trainer 

Speed, Agility, & Quickness Certified

Sports Based Cardiovascular Certified

Plyometrics Certified 

Core and Balance Certified 

Mental Toughness

NASM Specializations

Golf Fitness Specialist 

Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist 


Primal Kettlebell Certified – Onnit

Interests: Core Strengthening, Weight Loss, Balance Training, Functional Exercise, Hypertrophy Training, Athletic Performance Training, Pain Management, Corporate Wellness Group Training

Athletic Background:

10+ years experience in strength and conditioning, hockey, soccer, and golf as either player or performance coach.

Philosophy: If you set your goals low and easily hit them, did you achieve as much as if you had set your goals high and barely missed? Life isn’t perfect, but when you challenge yourself in any aspect of fitness, you will change for the better!

Justin leach

Washington Avenue

B.S. Exercise Science, University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Certified Personal Trainer – NASM

Corrective Exercise Specialist – NASM

FMT Blades & FMT Blades Advanced – IASTM / IANSM

Cupping – Rod Pod Certification

Rock Floss Compression Band Therapy Cert. – BFRT / Flossing

Level 1 Golf Specialist – Titleist Performance Institute

Reflexive Performance Reset Level 1 

Kettlebell Kings Living Fit Level 1 & 2 Kettlebell Certifications

Certified Manual Muscle Testing – NASM

Certified Behavioral Modification – NASM

Certified Group Fitness Instructor – MOSSA

Interests: Functional Movement Training, Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention, Pain Management, Life Coaching, Metabolic Coaching, Athletic Training


I believe in attainable results driven from scientifically based exercise programming and therapeutic touch.

My desire is to help individuals that may have functional deficits, require rehabilitation from injury, or would like to move better. I am also adamant to help those who have athletic, strength, flexibility, and weight loss goals. The way we move is the most important aspect of training. It’s not the exercise itself that is the answer, it’s how we move in the exercise that has the power to cause positive change. I am passionate about helping people reach their goals.

Kristine Gilson

Washington Avenue

B.S. Health Promotion & Wellness Emphasis Health/ Wellness Coaching
B.A. Spanish

Certified Personal Trainer – NASM

Nutrition Certification – NESTA

Totally Coached LLC- Wellness Coach

Interests/Specialties: Injury Prevention, Ergonomics, Corrective Exercise, Group Exercise, Weight Loss, Sports Training/ Conditioning

Athletic Background: 

United States Masters Swimming – Level 1 & 2 Coach

Philosophy: ‘Being well’ is more than fitness – it’s emotional, it’s a mindset, it’s life, and it’s messy. We could all use health and wellness guidance and I would be honored to guide and empower clients on their journey!

Teresina Watson

Washington Avenue

B.S., Business Administration, Carthage College

M.S., Public Service Management, DePaul University

Certified Personal Trainer- NASM

Certified Nutrition Coach – NASM

Certified Group Fitness Instructor – MOSSA

Interests/Specialties: Body composition changes, Weight loss, Strength training

Philosophy: A smile and lots laughter should always be included in your fitness journey.  If that’s missing, try looking for new inspiration or a goal to help spark the excitement and passion.

Emily wilcox

Washington Avenue

A.A.S Health & Wellness Promotion, College of Lake County

Certified Personal Trainer – College of Lake County

Certified Health & Wellness Coach – College of Lake County.

Group Fitness Instructor Trainings (ACE/NASM/AFAA/AAAI) – LA Fitness International

  • – Power Circuit
  • – Kickbox Cardio
  • – Bodyworks
  • – Aquafit

MOSSA Group Fitness Instructor

Interests/Specialties: General fitness for health & longevity, weight loss, functional fitness, strength, endurance sport training, balance & core training, Pilates, flexibility/ROM training, yoga, nutrition, life balance.

Philosophy: Anytime spent focusing on improving yourself, whether in your physical wellness, your nutrition, your relationships, or your education is time well spent! Just as important: having fun along the way! Focusing on becoming a better version of yourself can only enhance your life experience; it’s not the peak, it’s the climb! I’d love to play a role in that amazing journey of yours!

Juan Delapaz

Washington Avenue

B.S. Kinesiology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Personal Training Certification – NASM

Interests/Specialties: Group Exercise, Weight Loss, Strength Training, Functional Training, General Fitness, Dance

Philosophy: Do not sell yourself short; try picking up fitness! You would be amazed at what you are able to accomplish when you have the proper guidance, a little push, and a whole lot of accountability. You would be even more surprised at how other aspects of your life start to fall in place. Allow me to be a part of that journey.

Daniel Hoffman

Washington Avenue

B.S. Kinesiology and Exercise Science – Ava Maria University

CPR/AED Certified

Interests/Specialties: Strength training, Speed training, Athletic Performance, HIIT Training

Athletic Background: Current Semi-Pro Player (Racine Raiders), Collegiate Football wide receiver, Arrowhead sophomore wide receiver Head Coach, 8+ years as a baseball player, former soccer and basketball player. 

Philosophy: We all have our own fitness goals. It is not always the easiest to know where to start or what to do. Luckily, those unknowns allow us to make reaching your goals a journey you never forget! As your trainer I want to show how much daily benefit and enjoyment can come from a healthy and active lifestyle. 


Heather Nairne

Washington Avenue

B.A. Art UW Milwaukee

Personal Training Certification – NASM

Corrective Exercise Specialist – NASM (In Progress)

Certified Nutrition Coach – NASM (In Progress)

Interests/Specialties: Weight Loss, Strength Training, Corrective Exercise, Functional Training, General Fitness, Longevity & Wellness

Philosophy: My goal is to give people the ability to live a happy healthy life. I focus on implementing simple plans for beginners or taking your fitness to the next level. Fitness is a great way to focus on longevity and allows muscles to move for longer which is the key to vitality. We are all going to be here a very long time, so we may as well enjoy every minute of it!

Krystal Debaker

Washington Avenue / Erie Street

B.S. in Elementary Special Education, Carthage College

Certified Personal Trainer – ISSA

Certified Group Fitness Instructor – MOSSA

Interests/Specialties: General Fitness, Weight Loss, Balance Training, Endurance Sports Training

Philosophy: The human body is meant to be active. Exercise and proper nutrition can enhance every aspect of our physical and mental well-being. My job as a trainer is to guide you through that lifestyle change to reach your fitness and health goals.

Courtney Perez

Erie Street

Certified Personal Trainer – ISSA

Interests/Specialties: Hypertrophy training, general fitness, Functional training, interior home painting, volunteering for animal rescue groups

Philosophy: Fitness is a lifestyle that isn’t obtained overnight. Don’t focus on the end goal. Take it one meal, one workout, one day at a time! Focus on your position right now, and win where you are!

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