Holiday Hustle

8-week group training program.

Holiday temptation, stress, and commitments can prevent us from the health appointments we need to keep with ourselves on a weekly basis.

25% of the days in the year we are not active due to Holidays, Anniversaries, Birthdays and life in general that keeps us from our health commitment to our selves.

Holiday Hustle makes it easy, affordable, and fun to stay on track when we are in the midst of temptation. Make coming to the gym 2 days a week your new normal before the new year!


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Wednesday, November 7th — 8:00 am

Thursday, November 8th — 6:00pm

Friday, November 9th — 6:00am

Saturday, November 10th — 7:30am

Monday, November 12th — 6:00am

Tuesday, November 13th — 6:00pm

Wednesday, November 14th — 5:30pm



Why Try Holiday Hustle?

Stay motivated during the busy holiday season to feel your best!

Enjoy working out with a group of people to keep you accountable!

Learn new workout techniques to change up your routine!

Get a jump start on prioritizing your health before the new year!

De-stress, gain energy, and improve mood during the darker and colder months!




Holiday Hustle prices and sessions

Choose from:

8 sessions $160


16 sessions $240


24 sessions $300

Receive 5% if you attend a demonstration and sign up at the demonstration.

Also, receive 5% if you participated in Fusion 2018


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