Fusion Fitness Workout

FUSION is a high-intensity strength and endurance training workout designed to help you reach your goals

FUSION helps you feel your best by giving you results, releasing endorphins (your body’s own mood-enhancers!) and relieving stress & high blood pressure

FUSION changes your workout to avoid boredom and challenge your body in new ways

FUSION blends cardiovascular and strength training to leave you with an awesome new set of workouts to use on your own

FUSION is Fun and Effective!


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Wednesday, August 15th — 5:30 pm

Friday, August 17th —  6:00 am

Saturday, August 18th — 7:30 am

Monday, August 20th – 6:00 am

Tuesday, August 21st – 6:00 am and 6:00 pm

Thursday, August 23rd – 6:00 pm


Is FUSION for you?

Improve mobility and athletic ability

Increase your cardiovascular efficiency

Lose weight and reduce fat

Learn kettle bell circuits

Discover animal movements

Enhance functional athletic abilities

Get professional training



FUSION prices and sessions

Choose from:

1 session per week $160 * Register at a demo and save 5%!    


2 sessions per week $240 >>> Flex pay is available


3 sessions per week $300



Answers: Kate Thomas

(262) 321-0200  |  kthomas@razorsharpfit.com

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