Full Body Workout with Kate

At-home full body workout with Group Fitness Director, Kate Thomas.

Equipment optional: wood floor & socks or something that will slide on the floor

Fine print: take these slow & shallow at first then gradually get more depth if you can to protect your abductors and groin, aka inner thigh. (Way better than that butterfly machine used in the gym)

5 times through if you can

1. Lateral squat -12 each side
Load the leg you’re squatting on by sitting back instead of leaning to the side and extend the opposite leg

2. Lunges
Slide your leg back & pull it forward – 12 each side
Body weight is loaded more on the stable leg in front so go slow

3. Lateral squat (first exercise) and lunge crossing behind – 12 each side

3 Key points:
– Soft elbows load the chest with the shoulders over the hands.
– Don’t let the body slide back as the legs move away.
– Keep the upper body to the hips locked in and remember to breathe.

4. Mt climbers -12/24 reps depending on how you count
5. Two leg knee tucks – 12 reps
6. Two leg hip pike – 12 reps